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In blind tests, the NIITEK VISOR sensors bested the competition by almost two orders of magnitude in detection and false alarm rates.
Visor GPR

Using the right tools leads to a successful mission. NIITEK’s VISOR™ technology is designed specifically for buried mine and similar explosives detection. It defines state-of-the-art in the field of ultra-wideband Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) arrays.

With technology based on the work of Günter Wichmann, a German scientist who began developing mine detectors in the 1960s, NIITEK develops sensors that are the world’s best for countermine and non-conventional explosive detection. The result: superior effectiveness in the field.

Automatic target recognition, designed to get the job done
With viable applications in today’s theaters and beyond, our specialized VISOR™ sensors work as the foundation for continued software development, signal processing, and rapid prototyping — resulting in spirally developed solutions.

Selected features:
Clearest available images of the desired target
Ultra-wide-bandwidth impulses
Excellent signal to clutter ratio; very clean impulses
Extremely low radar cross-section
Superior usability without extensive training; intuitive and ready
Great portability: lightweight, low power consumption
Operable across a wide range of heights

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