Using the right tools leads to a successful mission. NIITEK’s VISOR™ technology is designed specifically for buried mine and IED detection and is based on state-of-the-art ultra-wideband Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) arrays. With technology based on the work of Günter Wichmann, a German scientist who began developing mine detectors in the 1960s, NIITEK develops sensors that are the world’s best for countermine and non-conventional explosive detection. The result: superior effectiveness in the field.

Automatic target recognition, designed to get the job done

With viable applications in today’s theaters and beyond, NIITEK’s specialized VISOR™ sensors work as the foundation for continued software development, signal processing, and rapid prototyping — resulting in spirally developed solutions.


  • Excellent signal to clutter ratio; clearest available images of the desired target
  • Extremely low radar cross-section
  • Superior usability without extensive training
  • Great portability: lightweight, low power consumption
  • Operable across a wide range of heights
Software Development  

A critical component of a complete explosive-detection system, NIITEK’s software is developed to be targeted, flexible and field-ready. Software solutions can be integrated into multiple systems, as well as vehicles. NIITEK also produces custom data collection systems. In addition to the VISOR GPR data, NIITEK’s software integrates DAQ, GPS, INS, user inputs and outputs, marking, EMI sensors, encoders and compasses. Seasoned software developers stay tuned to the latest automation for configuration management and productivity, and the company uses structured development processes. This dedication to best-value processes for spiral development gets robust systems to soldiers sooner — while maintaining rigid processes for maintenance and enhancements into the future.

Research and Development  

With a large portion of its R&D budget devoted to countermine-related inventions and patents, NIITEK's pursuit of excellence in this field has allowed it to provide critical solutions to warfighters worldwide and humanitarian demining teams.

Signal Processing  

Sensor technology is the backbone of NIITEK's systems, but supporting that is a uniquely effective automated detection software. High-fidelity signals feed rapid signal processing, which is why NIITEK's systems excel at locating hazardous targets. The advanced data processing algorithms cut through high-clutter environments to detect threats with reliable accuracy.

Selected features:

  • Automatic Target Recognition algorithms
  • Feature extraction
  • On-board DSP and CPU processing
  • Signal conditioning and enhancement
Rapid Prototypes  

NIITEK’s R&D facility is fully outfitted to engage in rapid prototyping to allow their products and solutions to respond to changing needs in protecting soldiers. We offer in-house engineering, supported by industry-standard tools, for:

  • electronics
  • mechanical
  • software
  • signal processing
  • pattern recognition
  • systems engineering

NIITEK offers 3-D modeling mechanical engineering with the in-house fabrication equipment and square footage to support it. Mechanical fabrication includes both manual and computerized automated tooling.