HMDS Series

HMDS Series


The high performance VISOR™ combat proven ground penetrating radar (GPR) forms the heart of the ruggedized and logistically supportable Husky Mounted Detection System (HMDS). The HMDS GPR sensor detects metallic and non-metallic mines, improvised explosive devices (IED), and other buried explosive hazards, providing unprecedented performance in the automatic detection, recognition, and precision marking of buried threats. The HMDS GPR technology combines advanced real-time Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) algorithms; integrated GPR and electromagnetic interference (EMI) sensors; global positioning system (GPS); recordable missions for after action review functions and analysis; automatic precision marking; and user friendly software. The HMDS is used worldwide, ranging from the US Army, USMC and coalition partners deployed to Afghanistan, operations along the Turkish-Syrian border and humanitarian demining operations in Asia and Africa. The HMDS is in use today by the U.S. Army, USMC, Canada, Australia, Spain, and Turkey and continues to save lives every day, both soldier and civilian.


R-VIS is an optional capability that allows the HMDS operator to transmit real-time data to a secondary display which is monitored by the threat analyst from the mine protected vehicle. This two-way communication allows both parties to monitor system oversight, analyze threats and determine whether the threat requires a physical mark for further evaluation.

HMDS with 3d-Radar GPR

The 3d-Radar Husky-Mounted Detection System represents the state-of-the-art in vehicle mounted sensor technology and provides unprecedented performance in the automatic detection, recognition, and precision marking of buried explosive hazards. The detection system builds upon 3d-Radar's breakthrough step-frequency 3D GPR as its primary detection sensor, and is completed with a range of custom vehicle integration packages, secondary sensors, and user-friendly software for real-time threat detection and data processing.


The HMDS also provides Automatic Target Recognition algorithms which allows the operator to visualize and decipher 3D data in real-time. Combining these advanced technologies, the full 3d-Radar HMDS package makes mission critical route clearance more efficient without losing any performance capabilities. For more information on 3d-Radar, please visit: