Custom GPR Integrations

Custom GPR Integrations

Italian Army CALIFE Program

NIITEK’s military and commercial detection systems are designed to meet the evolving challenges of existing and future threats. Our GPR technology is scalable, ranging from handheld sensors to large vehicle/platform-mounted systems. Our systems are platform agnostic and capable of integrating onto various vehicles, robotic or manned.

Palletized GPR System

The palletized GPR system incorporates NIITEK’s combat-tested VISOR with mission system peripherals providing remote route clearance and landmine and improvised explosive device (IED) detection capabilities. It features an expandable one to four panel
configurations-based on mission needs-with the ability to integrate onto a variety of commercial or military off-the-shelf platforms. The system has been optimized for small tactical vehicles providing auto-height controls for on and off road terrain with the ability to operate in rugged and harsh environments. This system includes physical target marking, lane marking, electronic GPS marking functions, and the ability to operate under a variety of input voltages and hydraulic parameters. The system can be fully integrated with a robotic application kit which leverages existing vehicle systems, GPS/inertial navigation system (INS), radio links, and operator control unit (OCU). Utilizing a 4-bar linkage, the palletized GPR system automatically stows in a compact stacked configuration allowing for mission configurable transport. The palletized GPR system combines its advanced GPR with payload assemblies, remote controls, and user-friendly software that can be readily integrated with a variety of alternative host vehicles in a mission supportable route clearance package.

Small Unit Support IED Defeat (SUSI) Program

Palletized GPR on Polaris All-Terrain Vehicle

HMDS with 5th Panel & EMI Detector for Turkish Army

Hyundai-Rotem UGV for South Korea Agency for Defence Development