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Husky Mounted Detection System with VISOR™ 2500

NIITEK’s multi-panel high-performance VISOR™ GPR system functions on manned, blast-resistant vehicles to provide rapid ability to scope out anti-vehicular landmines and other explosive hazards on main supply routes (MSRs) and additional open areas as needed.

NIITEK’s multi-panel high-performance GPR system and an optional metal detector, when mounted on manned, blast-resistant vehicles, provides a rapid ability to scope out anti-vehicular landmines or any other type of buried explosive hazard. Additional customized vehicle versions are in spiral development and delivery stages.

Excels at anti-vehicular mine and other explosive hazard detection, especially on main supply routes.

Selected features:
Utilizes breakthrough VISOR™ GPR Sensor Technology
High Resolution Scanning
Electronic Marking Aided by Accurate Military GPS Navigation System
with SAASM Anti-Jamming Capability
High Capacity Hard Drive Data Storage.
Removable for Post-Processing
Stores Target and Lane Data
Integration with inertial navigation system with GPS
Run automatic detection and feature-based algorithms
Two User-Selectable Automatic, Real-Time, Detections Algorithm Modes
AT Mine, IED, and Both
Audible and visual alerts
Physical Marking jet spray system
Integration with on-board EMI sensor (metal detector) or other metal detectors
In-cab display: Intuitive Graphical User Interface via 8" Cab-Mounted Touch Screen
Display System Alarms and GPS Coordinates
Display Real-Time Radar Imagery and System Status
Provide user control of all system functions
Electro-Hydraulic Panel Positioning System
Automatic GPR Panel Stow and Deploy
Automatic control of GPR sensor array height
Terrain-Following Feature
High Level of Integration Achieved Using Ethernet Bus for System Control
and Communications
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