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Handheld Detection
Minestalker Series
Universal Features

NIITEK Minestalker Series with VISOR 3200

Designed to tackle weather and ground conditions that can halt other landmine detection missions, the Minestalker Series operates in a wide range of seasonal challenges and terrain, including dirt, sand, and mud.

With a remote control package designed by Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotic Engineering Center, NIITEK's Minestalker Series provides all the safety and accuracy advantages of a versatile remotely controlled platform, while accommodating the three-panel VISOR 3200 GPR system, to scan a wide swath. GPS-tagged data, alarms and marking allow post-inspection analysis.

Detects anti-tank landmines, explosives, and buried anomalies in a wide range of ground and weather conditions, through remote subsurface visualization.

Selected features:
Integrated on the Land Tamer and Multidrive Vehicles
Utilizes breakthrough VISOR GPR Sensor Technology
High Resolution Scanning
Remotely operated system on the Land Tamer only
Intuitive handheld touch-screen control
Remote start, E-stop, and cruise control features
Wireless transmission of radar data allows for instant inspection
3-D visualization
Automated detection with feature-based algorithms and visual alerts
Electronic Marking Aided by Accurate Differential GPS Navigation System
Physical Target Marking
Target Resolution Using 10 Individually Controlled Spray Jets
Left and Right Outer Jets provide cleared path marking
Archival of data for post-mission analysis
Electrical Panel Positioning System
Easy sliding GPR panel stow and deploy
Automatic control of GPR sensor array height
Terrain-Following Feature
Low ground-pressure tires
High Level Integration: Ethernet Bus for System Control and Communications
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